Significant Problems

Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in the United States causing more than 27% of deaths of those over the age of 65.

By 2010, echocardiography services made up 11 percent of Medicare spending on imaging services, accounting for approximately $1.2 billion in spending.

US spends an average of $9237 per person per year, of which more than 10% is spent on heart related treatment.

Nearly all cardiology patients undergo an echocardiogram test.

Today’s Measurement and Diagnostics of Echocardiograms

Dependent on doctor’s availability
Limited to doctor’s experience as a practicing cardiologist
Inaccurate - prone to false negatives and positives
Time consuming

  • Nullam
  • Amet
  • Dolor

We are building the future of cardiology.

AI enhanced accuracy of reading
Capable of possessing the unnderstanding of hundreds of world-class cardiologists.
Quickly warns against false negatives or positives
Instant results and live feedback
Cuts down doctor’s cost in half

We are a team of world-class computer scientists and cardioligsts.

We are developing the world's most sophisticated AI cardiologist.


Joseph Sokol
Founder & CEO

Joseph is the leading visionary and technologist of Joseph is a full stack developer with numerous experience in technology startups.


Maxim Rusakov

Formally educated in mathematics and machine learning at world leading AI research university, University of Montreal, followed passion for software development and tech innovation through leadership roles in numerous institutional projects.


Philippe Berger
Machine Learning, PhD

Philippe earned his PhD in observational cosmology from the University of Toronto. He has published original research analyzing massive radio interferometric datasets and applying machine learning to computational cosmology.


Dr. Joshua Penn

Dr. Penn founded iCardio Corporation, a mobile medical diagnostics platform for cardiovascular imaging. Dr. Penn sits on the board of advisors for various VCs entering the med-tech sector.

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Seeking $1.5M in Seed Funding

Complete algorithm and system infrastructure
Line up sales program as we head through FDA
Money raised matched by government grants
Buys us two years before going into Series A (see expenditures)